SEO Sarasota

As experts in SEO Sarasota and the surrounding areas, we can help new customers find your website through our comprehensive SEO strategy.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO consists of all of the elements added to your website to help you be found in search engines like Google.

With billions of active websites to sort through, search engines developed a series of factors they compare the web page to in order to determine which page shows up first in the results.

SEO can be broken down into a few key areas: Technical SEO, Linking, Content, Local SEO.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO includes site architecture, the way that the website is structured, built, and connected. The website should be built so that it’s easy for web crawlers to scan the pages on the site and add them to the search engine’s database. Experienced web developers keep this in mind while they build and structure the pages of your website. This includes linking together related pages.

For example, if the goal is to have the best SEO in Sarasota, the pages relating to the city will be linked together. This tells search engines like Google that your services are related, and that your business does services in a particular city, state, or region. The more these pages integrate together, the more likely search engines will associate them to each other and the more likely that your site will rank for related terms.

Technical SEO includes many other factors such as site security, mobile responsiveness, and meta titles and descriptions that signal search engines and tell them what the website is about. We look at these elements and more when building a website so that your finished site can have the best SEO for Sarasota.


When it comes to SEO, linking refers to links within your site to other pages, links from your site to external websites, and links from other websites to you. Internal links are the most straightforward to manage because everything is done entirely on your website. Linking related pages and services together all within your site creates an association between them and tells search engines that they connect together.

Linking to external sites is helpful to provide context, support, or evidence to your claims. However, doing this for SEO requires careful research and planning. Sites that you link to should be credible, recent, and have a strong site authority. When we include external links as part of our SEO service, we make sure that these links will strengthen your site. These links will help both the credibility of your website while also improving its SEO.

Links to your website–known as backlinks–are the most challenging to obtain. These are when other sites link to your website. It’s important that the sites that link to you aren’t spam or low-quality, or else their association with you can actually reduce your SEO efforts. We can help mitigate this by checking your existing backlinks and disassociating your site from toxic links. We can also develop a strategy to help you acquire links from relevant, high-quality sites.


Content is all of the images, videos, and text of your website. Getting found through top-quality SEO is important. But it’s also important that your website has relevant, useful information that engages visitors and urges them to find out more or do business with you. Good quality content does both.

At Hawp Media, our professional copywriters create interesting and unique content that both drives visitors to the site and keeps them engaged. Your web pages will be written to show that you are an expert in the field while at the same time emphasizing to search engines what your most important features and services are. Your website visitors can find out more about you, your company, and what you do to decide if you’re a good fit for them.

Local SEO

Local SEO helps your brand be found at the top of search results for your local area. This includes the primary search results from a typical website search, as well your business showing up on maps for “near me” and other location searches.

When your business focuses on a single region or city like Sarasota, we can concentrate all of your efforts on one area. This helps when you have a strong presence in one region and can be especially effective for businesses with a single location focusing on the local market.

If your market is larger, such as the entire country we combine national and local SEO so that you can be found for targeted local searches as well as general key phrase searches. Using this approach, your site will show up for targeted local searches and on maps, but also for general searches for your most important products or services. We’ll develop a personalized local SEO strategy for your business based on your market, goals, and budget.